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Nirmal Ashram is a charitable institution based at Rishikesh, in the state of Uttarakhand, in India. Founded by Mahant Buddha Singh Ji Maharaj in 1903, the ashram underwent a tremendous growth and today is an important spiritual destination of Northern India. The ashram runs two schools, Nirmal Ashram Deepmala Pagarani Public School and Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy. As the first step into the field of health care, the ashram started Nirmal Ashram Hospital in 1990. A prestigious project, Nirmal Ashram Eye Institute was commissioned in 2004.
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Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru, Jagat Guru (spiritual leader of the universe), was the incarnation of God in Kalyug (the present era). HE was born equipped with the supernatural powers by the intangible God. HE, with the highly exalted spiritual preaching, guided humanity to come out from the darkness of materialistic world to the everlasting light of absolute Truth and knowledge. Read More...

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